Mission Statement


Our mission:

True North Church exists to guide people into an intimate, personal relationship with God and empower people to become channels of God's love to our community and our world.

Our vision:

We will share the gospel and make disciples until every person in Savannah Metro has heard and responded to the message of God's love manifest through his Son Jesus Christ.

Our Values:


At True North, we define communion as the intimate relationship with God the Father purchased for us by Jesus’ death and resurrection. This relationship is offered to everyone who places their faith in God’s work of grace and receives the Holy Spirit.


A person walking in communion with God has the privilege of being a channel of God’s love. This creates authentic, life-giving community. True North Church strives to be the kind of community where everyone is welcome and accepted.


Every Christ-follower receives a unique call to join God in his mission. This call adds purpose, significance, and responsibility to our lives. At True North, we want to empower every person to pursue their God-given calling.


As God’s children, we are vessels of the very nature of God and his nature gives us the power to become men and women of character and integrity, enabling us to love powerfully, care deeply, encourage meaningfully, and live joyfully.