The Real Fight

- What is the fight of faith?
- How do you know if you are fighting the right battle?
- What does it look like to walk in righteousness?

In this podcast Pastor Eric talks about the fight to believe in God's grace. Often we are caught up in the wrong battles and this can be a hinderance to our relationship with God and each other. In Galatians 4 we learn key steps to winning the fight of faith.

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Who Do You Think You Are?

- What is shaping how you view yourself?
- Which voices have the most influence in your personal identity?
- Do you believe what God says about you?

In this podcast, guest speaker Carter Wilson talks to us about why it's so important to know and believe that what scripture says about us is true. And he shares steps to win the battle of the mind on this subject.

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Am I Really Free?

- Do you see yourself as a person who is free?
- How you view yourself impacts the freedom you walk in.
- As a Christ follower, you have been set free and adopted into God's family.

Through Jesus, God offers us freedom, but are we experiencing the fullness of the freedom God offers? In this podcast, Pastor Eric discusses the freedom available to us and the impact it has on our life.

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What If My Faith Is Crumbling

- Is your faith on a solid foundation?
- Are you hoping in a faith of your own creation?
- Can your faith survive the trials of life?

In Galatians 3:11 we find the passage, "the righteous shall live by faith." Is it possible Paul is not telling us how to live but rather what to place our faith in? In this podcast, Pastor Eric discusses how the correct foundation of our faith makes all the difference.

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A Line in the Sand

- There are two ways to live
- A performance based transactional life
- Or a life of relationship
- What kind of interaction do you want with God?
- Transactional or Relationship?

In Galatians 2 Paul challenges us to live a life of relationship. It's not a clean, predictable, safe life. But it is the life God offers us in the gospel.

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Great News!

- Are you building your faith on the right foundation?
- The gospel of grace is great news to you
- God is a God who speaks to you!
- Do you know how to hear God's voice?

In this message, Pastor Eric begins a new series in which we will learn from the book of Galatians the many reasons why the gospel is great news. This sereis opener discusses the fact that God is speaking to the most critical areas of your life and the words he is speaking have the power you need for breakthrough.

God - Our Deliverer

- Do you see God as a judge wanting to condemn?
- Or do you see God as your Deliverer?
- When you see God incorrectly you only delay Deliverance. 

In this message, Pastor Eric discusses how our misconception of the idea of God as judge hinders our relationship with God and prevents us from experiencing God's powerful deliverance.

Radically Forgiven

Jesus' words to a woman caught in adultery blows up our ideas of religion and right living

- You are accepted and loved
- You can get off the acceptance by performance trap
- You can have right-standing with God based on God's grace
- You can experience a love so powerfully healing you gain freedom
- God has designated you as a recipient of his affection

What God Says to the Outcast

-What does God say to me when I feel like an outcast?
-If God sees my darkest secrets, how can he still love me?
-What does God say to me when I feel unlovable?
-God sets you apart as an object of His affection.

It's often too difficult for us to comprehend, but God steps into our world, reaches past our darkest shortcomings and declares us to be acceptable and loved. The question is; can you believe in a love that isn't earned but given without condition?