Radically Forgiven

Jesus' words to a woman caught in adultery blows up our ideas of religion and right living

- You are accepted and loved
- You can get off the acceptance by performance trap
- You can have right-standing with God based on God's grace
- You can experience a love so powerfully healing you gain freedom
- God has designated you as a recipient of his affection

What God Says to the Outcast

-What does God say to me when I feel like an outcast?
-If God sees my darkest secrets, how can he still love me?
-What does God say to me when I feel unlovable?
-God sets you apart as an object of His affection.

It's often too difficult for us to comprehend, but God steps into our world, reaches past our darkest shortcomings and declares us to be acceptable and loved. The question is; can you believe in a love that isn't earned but given without condition?